I discovered my passion for guitars early on, as I started playing the classical guitar at the age of 7. Since then the guitar accompanied my life as an instrument I enjoyed playing. I started working at Siccas Guitars in Kalrsruhe, Germany in 2016. Playing all those hand crafted instruments, discovering the nuances of the sound a well-made guitar can deliver, my passion for the instrument itself and the construction behind it grew. I decided that I want to become a luthier myself.

I completed my education at the well known instrument making school in Mittenwald, Bavaria in 2019. After, I decided to move to the south of Spain where I dove into the world that brought the modern guitar as we know it now to life. I spent an interesting time learning from the more experienced masters.

I opened my own workshop in 2022 in Weimar, Germany with my dear friend and luthier Johanna Vogl. We created a space for us where we are working individually on our instruments, and at the same time inspire, support and learn from each other.